Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Running Week 4.5

Since the last week of March is only half of a week I thought I would give a mid week update. This week was beautiful, and I especially enjoyed running in shorts and tank tops again.

I also got this really great new running wrist band pocket. Kristen gave it to me when I was in Denver this last weekend, and I LOVE it. It is reversible, and the other side is solid pink. It is great because I can put my car key in it, and possibly a few more items.

This weeks running totals: 4 miles on Monday, and 3 miles on Tuesday.

This week I also tried 2 new things: Tuesday I went to my first Yoga class, and Wednesday I went to my first Pilates class. I really enjoyed them both and am looking forward to going to them again next week.

Learned: Warm weather rocks to run in... and Yoga and Pilates are a great thing to add to my fitness routine.

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