Thursday, October 14, 2010

Date Night...Night Hike

When I think of the most romantic times I spend with Brian rarely are they the ones depicted on TV or Movies. The whole "Flowers, rose petals, by candle light" thing is just not my cup of tea...nor Brian's (thankfully). My favorite romantic memories are set with backdrops of ski slopes, mountains, lakes, hiking trails, and cabins in the woods. We love being outside, but more importantly we love being outside together.

Last weekend we had a last minute date night, and as we sat looking through the movies that were showing and discussing where we wanted to eat, it felt way to boring. I mean anytime we have a date night we go to dinner and a movie (don't get me wrong I enjoy those times too...), but with no movie out that we both really wanted to see, it just seemed so mundane.

With this unseasonably warm October weather we have been having, I thought it would be fun to go on a night hike. So we packed a bag with jackets, head lamps, my favorite wine, and some cheese and crackers and headed out to Independence Monument. The sun set really quickly and we found a perch on the sandstone to enjoy our treats and visit. It was such a great time just enjoying the outdoors together.

The only thing that would have made it better would have been no clouds in the sky, and not seeing the mountain lion email Brian had sent me earlier in the week. It creeped me out enough to cut the evening short and head home... no sense risking a Mt.Lion attack!
As we rounded the corner and got our first glimpse of Independence Monument there was barely enough light to take a picture.

I just liked the wine droplets in this picture.

We were laughing so hard for this picture because we had just taken one of us and the flash blinded and shocked us so much that we looked hilarious in it.

Notice the wine in the classes, we thought we had a pretty flat surface, but it wasn't... Amazingly we only had one spill, and there was plenty of wine for a refill.

Learned: There is a reason we are married to the people we are, it is nice to get back to what brought you together in the first place.

I wish I was a pirate...

cuz then I wouldn't have to use manners.

Learned: He is listening to the books we read...

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Day I Met Peyton (well sat in the same stadium as him...)

Ari and I had been looking forward to this moment for almost a year... As soon as we knew the Colts would be playing in Denver we were on the watch for when tickets went on sale.

We scored some amazing tickets..ROW 2 on the visitors side!

Then for months we sat in anticipation awaiting the big day. We both thought of (day dreamed, as well as dreamed) of all the different ways we might actually meet him. If ANYTHING else had cost me so much sleep I would have been a complete b!%@&. But since it was Peyton, I wasn't the least bit grouchy. In the end there was no face to face meeting, or hand shake, (or proposal) BUT there was a wave! At the end of the game as he was giving his hat and other game stuff away before leaving the stadium, Ari and I were waving to him and "calmly" calling his name. He looked and waved to us!!! So I guess that will have to do... until next time.

I took over 200 pictures of the game, these are just a few of my favorites. It has taken me several weeks to look through them all and pick the ones I wanted to share (obviously 200 would be too many to post!)

Learned: The experience was amazing, completely worth every penny! I think I'll start saving now for the next time Peyton comes to Denver (in two years...)

A new personal best

Yesterday I went for a run and it felt great. I dont know if it was the music choice or weather or my mental state but I had one of my best times ever!

As I began I noticed that I was running pretty quick but didnt feel like I might die so I decided to see how long I could keep up the pace!

Turns out I could do it a lot longer than imagined!

I normally am happy to run anything under 10 minute miles and stay around 930s. Last night I rocked at 845s!

The best part is I feel great today!

Learned: its a good thing to push yourself and are just how far you are capable of going. (every once in a while).

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