Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Running: Week 3

So last week I really did meet my goal of running 10 miles (miscalculated my serpents run)... so I don't feel as bad to report that I missed my mark of 10 miles.

During soccer practice on Thursday I felt really good and ran 5.5 miles. I almost quit at 4 just because, but thought since I felt so great I should keep going; man am I glad I pushed it a bit more cuz it turns out that I didn't have much time to run this week while trying to work and finish the bathroom.

Sunday I ran Serpents (just once) with Anne for her birthday, though I use the term "run" loosely... the serpent is still kicking my booty!!

So for this weeks total I made it 9.5 miles!!

Learned: being a teacher, a construction worker, and a runner is asking too much of me....so I can cut myself some slack for not making it a full 10 miles!

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