Friday, November 27, 2009


The author Ted Dekker has become a favorite of mine integrating action, suspense, and the truth's of God. This book did not disappoint. I typically don't like not knowing what happens in particularly suspenseful books, so I will flip to the end to see that it does turn out ok. This helps me get through parts of books where I want to peek and read through the slits between my fingers. My mom is the same way and she said DON'T DO IT, so I listened and boy am I thankful that I did. It was an amazing story and possibly would have been ruined if I had read the ending to alleviate a racing heart throughout out the book.

In this book Dekker explores the nature (or natures) of man through the life Kevin Parsons. Kevin has lived a very sheltered and mysterious life and has finally broke out making a go of it as a seminary student. His life is forever changed when he receives a call from a stranger with a riddle that he is supposed to solve and a sin he is supposed to confess to the world or his car will be blown up; only Kevin doesn't have any idea what the sin is he is supposed to confess.

With the help of an FBI agent and a childhood friend Kevin takes on this psychopath. With each riddle that goes unsolved and each sin that remains unconfessed the stakes get higher and my heart races faster. It is a race against riddles, riddles that require Kevin to plunge into his dark past from which he has only recently escaped.

Learned: Sin thrives in darkness, it is killed by light. Most of us keep our sins hidden from the world in the darkest part of our being, thinking that this will solve the problem when in reality it is only by bringing it out, confessing it, that is will loose it power over us and die.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I found this book to be an original love story that was captivating, mysterious, and emotional -- The perfect chick "flick" book. The tale is intricate and delicately woven giving you just enough to know enough, but keeps you questioning, wondering. In the end it comes together beautifully

I have two very different opinions about this book depending upon whether I am thinking of it from the perspective of reading it, or the perspective of finishing it. From both perspectives I really enjoyed it.

From the perspective while reading it I was fascinated at the strength of their love that it knew no time constraints, that both of them had the self discipline to stay committed through very trying times. How this very unique couple handled the obstacles of an ordinary life. I think of it as an epic love story that warms my heart.

From the perspective of after and having time to think about it, I see it as a tragedy. How awful it would be to the man constantly ripped from your present, from the woman you love, never knowing where you would end up, and once you got there being completely helpless and alone, possibly in danger. If it could be worse than that consider the woman's life. Meeting the man you would marry when you were 6 spending your entire life waiting for his arrival in your world, knowing some day you would meet him in his present rather than in his past, but that there was no guarantee that you would have him forever or even for the next minute. That at any moment he could be ripped from your grasp and sent to who knows when and that you are completely helpless. A tragedy spending your whole life waiting, missing out on a "normal" life, just waiting for the moments when he would appear, even after his death.

I had wanted to read it before I saw the movie in theaters, but life got pretty crazy and I never even picked up the book. I am glad I waited because now two of my friends are going to read it and we are planning a girl night to watch the movie! It will be interesting to see how this story gets told on the big screen.

Learned? Love knows no boundaries. (cliche I know...)

5 Days Off, 4 Seasons of Weeds, 3 Books Finishded, 2 Family Meals, and 1 Tired Lady

I have been so incredibly busy as well as stressed lately. Sometime I will take the time to properly "vent" about all that but instead I thought I would share how excited I am for 5 whole days off and what I plan to do with that luxury!

Wednesday was a great day! It was the first time in my teaching career that we had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. When I was signing Maddox up for school this holiday week I just assumed that we would be working that day, so he got signed up for school. It turned out to be great as I got to spend the entire day with just Madison. We got up and made two loaves of pumpkin bread (which is already gone). Then we went shopping, out to lunch, and to New Moon. (I had gone the night before with some of my soccer mom friends and my mom...a great girls night).

My original plan for Thursday was to run the Turkey Trot with Madison in the morning, but I still can't run. Instead the kids and I just relaxed and read books and watched movies. Finally about noon we got our selves together and made final preparations for Thanksgiving at Brian's sister's. It was a nice meal and for once I didn't over eat... I felt full not not uncomfortable. Madison made plans to stay the night at Amy and Cecil's and get up for the mad morning shopping with Amy, Carrie, and Tiss.

On this break I finished 3 books,The Time Travelers Wife and Three then on Friday I got up and finished my third book, Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight Saga for my third time. No, I am not obsessed, I just like to finish the whole story. I just couldn't leave it hanging like the movie had. It was just me and the boy today, Madison was shopping and Brian was working. Maddox was a very good boy letting me read all day and playing with his toys and snuggling me. I needed a day like that.

Saturday we headed to my mom's for our second family Thanksgiving get-together. My brother and his family were in town as well as Dan's daughter from Salt Lake. I got to see all of my nieces, they are growing up way too fast. Maddox and Roxy played really well together, which made for a great evening.

Sunday was a take it easy day and we just all hung out and relaxed. I tried to prep myself for returning to work but no matter what I was not ready.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getleman in the Making

My aunt Penny is sick, she needs a liver transplant. Last week my mom and here were flight for lifed over to Denver to get her stabilized and start tests to get the transplant. Finally they were able to come home on Friday night. My mom moved Penny into her house to keep a better eye on her and maker sure she is getting her meds on time.

All that to say this:
Tonight we went to their house for dinner. Penny needed help getting up and walking down the hall so my mom was holding her arm, and Maddox walked over and held her hand along the way too. Then Penny needed to have some oxygen so Maddox helped turn on her oxygen. My mom rubbed Penny's back to help her calm down, and Maddox crawled up on the bed to rub her back too. Then he thought she would like to be read a story so he picked one out and read that to her (with a bit of help from me).

I was, and am so touched by how great his caring and compassion is for those in need, and he is only 3!

Learned: I think we can all learn something from the sweet innocence of children.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Current Addictions

I haven't been able to run since Moab, I went once last week and immediately had knee pain. I knew I loved to run but now that I can't I long for it even more. Every sunny afternoon, every runner I pass in my car, every time I hear a song that I love to run to, or doing laundry and folding my running clothes, I realize that I am in withdrawal. So to fill the void I have a few new addictions to confess: addictions...

First I am loving Weeds a Showtime series about a suburban mom/widow, who also deals pot... I am finding it completely hilarious and captivating though it can be raunchy and ridiculous.

While waiting for the next instalment of Weeds you can find me curled up with my second addiction.... I finally found another book that I could get into and love. I am currently reading The Time Travelers Wife. I wanted to read this when I saw the movie was coming out, but never got around to it.

I am hoping that by the time I have exhausted Weeds and my book I will be able to run again.

Learned: My acupuncturist said that there is happiness outside of running, though I am finding enjoyment from my current time fillers, I still long to run.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today I had my second session of acupuncture in hopes of finding some relief from my migraines. So far so good.

After the first session last week, I felt great- energized, clear minded, and focused. After today's session I feel tired, mello, and all I want to do is curl up with my blanket and pillow.

Part of the acupuncture treatment process is keeping records of various things about my phisiology: temperature every morning, daily stress levels, food cravings, or other headaches, and sleeping patterns. All of this documentation reqirements makes me hypersensative to everything going on with me. I am noticing every little ache and pain, twinge or strange feeling, it is kind of disconcerting realizing that I am falling apart.

Let's just hope that I can get my energy balanced in this process of finding relief from migraines.

Learned: Going too hard in life really does depleat your energy, literally!