Friday, November 27, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

I found this book to be an original love story that was captivating, mysterious, and emotional -- The perfect chick "flick" book. The tale is intricate and delicately woven giving you just enough to know enough, but keeps you questioning, wondering. In the end it comes together beautifully

I have two very different opinions about this book depending upon whether I am thinking of it from the perspective of reading it, or the perspective of finishing it. From both perspectives I really enjoyed it.

From the perspective while reading it I was fascinated at the strength of their love that it knew no time constraints, that both of them had the self discipline to stay committed through very trying times. How this very unique couple handled the obstacles of an ordinary life. I think of it as an epic love story that warms my heart.

From the perspective of after and having time to think about it, I see it as a tragedy. How awful it would be to the man constantly ripped from your present, from the woman you love, never knowing where you would end up, and once you got there being completely helpless and alone, possibly in danger. If it could be worse than that consider the woman's life. Meeting the man you would marry when you were 6 spending your entire life waiting for his arrival in your world, knowing some day you would meet him in his present rather than in his past, but that there was no guarantee that you would have him forever or even for the next minute. That at any moment he could be ripped from your grasp and sent to who knows when and that you are completely helpless. A tragedy spending your whole life waiting, missing out on a "normal" life, just waiting for the moments when he would appear, even after his death.

I had wanted to read it before I saw the movie in theaters, but life got pretty crazy and I never even picked up the book. I am glad I waited because now two of my friends are going to read it and we are planning a girl night to watch the movie! It will be interesting to see how this story gets told on the big screen.

Learned? Love knows no boundaries. (cliche I know...)

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