Friday, November 27, 2009


The author Ted Dekker has become a favorite of mine integrating action, suspense, and the truth's of God. This book did not disappoint. I typically don't like not knowing what happens in particularly suspenseful books, so I will flip to the end to see that it does turn out ok. This helps me get through parts of books where I want to peek and read through the slits between my fingers. My mom is the same way and she said DON'T DO IT, so I listened and boy am I thankful that I did. It was an amazing story and possibly would have been ruined if I had read the ending to alleviate a racing heart throughout out the book.

In this book Dekker explores the nature (or natures) of man through the life Kevin Parsons. Kevin has lived a very sheltered and mysterious life and has finally broke out making a go of it as a seminary student. His life is forever changed when he receives a call from a stranger with a riddle that he is supposed to solve and a sin he is supposed to confess to the world or his car will be blown up; only Kevin doesn't have any idea what the sin is he is supposed to confess.

With the help of an FBI agent and a childhood friend Kevin takes on this psychopath. With each riddle that goes unsolved and each sin that remains unconfessed the stakes get higher and my heart races faster. It is a race against riddles, riddles that require Kevin to plunge into his dark past from which he has only recently escaped.

Learned: Sin thrives in darkness, it is killed by light. Most of us keep our sins hidden from the world in the darkest part of our being, thinking that this will solve the problem when in reality it is only by bringing it out, confessing it, that is will loose it power over us and die.

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