Friday, August 28, 2009

Reporting In

I have been so incredibly busy since I went back to work. I haven't really had time to think of anything incredibly poetic to report, nor do I currently have anything earth shattering to share, but I thought I better post something before months have passed me by. So this may be a bit random...

I keep forgetting to write it here, since I posted it months ago on my Facebook account, but I finally got my nose pierced. My friend Allsion and I were hanging out down town in early June (it think it was early June, but may have been mid or late) and I commented on how cute her nose ring was (for the millionth time) and that I secretly wanted to get it done. She whisked me away (drug) me to the parlor just a few blocks away and the deed was done. I don't know what was holding me back all this time; maybe that I was almost 30, or thought that I couldn't do it and still be respected as a teacher, but all those fears were silly and in the end I am glad I did it.

Maddox is still loving school, he still requests to go "all of the days" instead of just 3 weeks, but his favorite part isn't the nap any more - though he still likes them. He is starting to tell us about friends and playing with friends, as well as tidbits of what he is learning. The only down side is that he plays so hard and doesn't get as good of a nap as he is used to so by the time I pick him up and get home he is exhausted and fussy... I am sure we will all adjust soon.

Madison started her last year of elementary school. She has the same teacher as she did in 4th grade, she loops up with the class. I was a bit concerned because last year was her least favorite year in school. Her classmates are pretty rowdy and it makes learning difficult. So far she has said that it is much better. She also keeps saying "just one more year then I am with you". I have mixed feelings about her going to middle school, I just can't believe that she is that old. My team teachers daughter started MS this year so I get to see the dynamics of her having her daughter at the school, but I have a year to prepare for this big step.

Brian go to take a short trip to Oklahoma for work the beginning of this week to get certified in something (ball valves I think). It was partial fun (golf and nice dinner) and part work (tour of factory and certification). It was interesting seeing the other side of the coin, usually I am the one that goes on work trips and he is home with the kids and juggling it all alone.

I just registered for my first half marathon, the Moab Other Half. My mom, Anne, and Jan are all signed up to do it together. We run along the river following the scenic highway through the beautiful red walls of the canyon. I have picked up my running this week (I have not had much energy or time to go since school started), I have committed to get up at 4:30 two days, and possibly three, to do hill repeats one day and another run on Fridays with my running partner Anne. I have no doubt that I will be able to do it, it is just a matter of getting in enough long runs to be ready.

Soccer is in full swing now; we have our first games this weekend in Denver. Thus begins our multiple trips over the mountains. But it is all worth it to see Madison excelling at something she enjoys so much.

That about sums up my life currently...not to exciting, but packed to the brim.

Learned? I don't need to have something amazing to share, I just need to keep a record of what's going on, if I want to remember life accurately.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School

Today marked the end of a very enjoyable summer with my kiddos, it went by so quickly because we were so busy the whole time!

Today also marked Maddox's first day of preschool. We had registered about a month ago, visited during hours so he could meet kids and teachers, and talked about it all the time. He was so excited to start school!

Last night he took a bath and when he got out of the tub he asked if he could shave, so he shaved with his Cars shaving foam and razor. Next we scrubbed our pearly whites and headed to bed. We read Spot Goes To School, a great lift the flap story about a dogs first day of school. We talked about how excited spot was to go to school and all the fun things he got to do, and what Maddox was looking forward to doing on his first day. It was so sweet!

So this morning he hopped out of bed and was ready to go to school, complete with his miniature backpack for his lunch. These pictures are blury because I could hardly get him to hold still for his excitement was bubbling out of every pore and fiber of his body!

When we arrived (it was early) he was the only kid there so he got his pick of toys and full attention from the teacher. They had his little cubby with his name on it all ready for him too! He felt so special as evident by his huge smile! He gave his sister and I both a hug and literally pushed us out the door!

He obviously was ready for this, I on the other hand wasn't and about fell apart in the store last night while buying him a lunch box, and cried myself to school. Most of the day I found myself wondering if he was ok, and checking my phone for calls from the school... none came and after my meetings were finished, I hurried over to pick him up.

I found him immersed in play outside with the other kids, I even got to talk to the other teachers about how he did. They said that he was wonderful, and they would have never known that today was his first day EVER in preschool. He lined up when told, laid down and took a nap at nap time, and followed directions. Finally I interrupted his play and he was at least happy to see me and left with out a fuss.

In typical fashion I asked him lots of questions and found out that his favorite part of the day was when he took a nap, he had fun playing with all the friends (but he doesn't know any of their names). He asked me when he got to go back to school, and I said on Friday, and he fussed saying "I want to go to school EVERYDAY!"

I have to say that I am so happy that this is the outcome, I was a bit concerned after the horrible swimming lessons situation, but take comfort that he can play with other kids, be polite and follow directions, and make it multiple hours with out his momma or grandmas.

Learned: I knew Maddox was ready to go to school, I just never imagined that it would be so easy to get him to go... and enjoy it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Shell Seekers

I am still in the midst of reading Malcom Gladwell's OUTLIERS, but I took a break to read a highly recommended book (thanks Anne and Ellie)by Rosamund Pilcher titled The Shell Seekers. This was a heartwarming book about family, love, life... the relationships and the pieces that make up who we are.

Penelope Keeling, the daughter of a famous artist, has lived a full life, and her life becomes richer and warmer as you read about those whose lives she has been a part of. Now that she is facing her final years, her three children all have different ideas of what she should do with her estate and her prized possession, a painting of her father's, The Shell Seekers. In the end she follows her heart, stays true to who she is, and makes you wish that you were fortunate enough to have someone like Penelope be a part of your life.

It was an enjoyable book and I give it a rating of 3.5.

Learned: Seeing how Nancy and Noel behave so selfishly and as if the world owes them, makes me embarrassed for them. Seeing how they are left with their final encounter with their mother makes me sad for them; a lesson well learned.

Tournament Champions and a New Baby

This last weekend we headed over the hill for Madison's team's first tournament. Her uncle Nate and Auntie Kristen were excited to come see the games but baby Tessa decided to join us on Thursday morning at 12:51! So we were fortunate enough to be able to meet the darling just days after her arrival.

Madison is playing on the U11 Premier soccer team for our local soccer club. They have been practicing all summer, and this weekend was their debate. I was excited to see how they stacked up against the Denver competition in the Denver Cup Tournament.

Their first game was Friday morning against Colorado Storm 3 (their C team) and won 4-1. Their second game was later that day against Colorado Storm (the A team) and tied it 0-0. The third game was Saturday against Real Colorado and tied again 1-1. The fourth game was Sunday against Pride United and they won 2-0. This put us in the championship game Sunday playing Real Colorado again. This time they dominated and won 4-0. They played great as a team and have shown steady improvement through all the games.

We went and saw the new baby on Saturday after the game and Madison and Maddox got to hold her. Maddox was super sweet to her and gave her lots of kisses! She was born in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and had such a speedy arrival that she is quite bruised and swollen, but looks just like her older sister. Everyone is doing very well. I am bummed that I don't share my birthday with her, it would have been a special bond... oh well!

Learned: Going to a soccer tournament as a single mom is a lot of work. Neither of my kids were bad, they were both actually wonderful, it is just hard to juggle it all from a hotel room.

30th Birthday Trip

For the weekend of my 30th birthday we headed south! Our good friends Vycci and Danny came from Denver Thursday night and then we all headed to Ridgeway for a long weekend.

When we got into town on Friday we found the lodge where we would be staying, then went for a day trip into Telluride... one of my favorite places on Earth! We wandered around down town enjoyed the goodies at the local farmers market, had yummy BBQ, strolled the shops and gawked at the outrageous prices. Then we headed up the gondola to Mountain Village, more shopping, and an ice cream treat! It was a beautiful day spent in a beautiful town with great friends.

When we got back to Ridgeway we checked into the lodge, which looked amazing on the website, but less than impressive in person. The common areas were nice, the staff was nice, our room was the disappointment. I think Vycci and Danny got the only good room there. Needless to say we spent most of our time at the lodge on their balcony and in their hot tub.

Saturday, we headed into Ouray for a hike/sightseeing. We visited Box Canyon Falls, it was very pretty and loud! Then we wound our way up to Yankee Boy Basin. I had been there years ago and completely forgot how amazing and majestically beautiful it was. We strolled around and just took it all in. Then we headed back to town, enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio, and various shops and antique stores.

Sunday, we all went to breakfast, then the Sandovals headed home to Denver and I headed for my birthday treat- a massage!!!! Then we headed home as well.

Looking back at the trip I really did enjoy myself spending a special day with such great friends and an amazing husband in a beautiful place. In the midst of it I was a bit disappointed, my expectations were much higher then the actual.

Learned: actually I am wondering...Is it worth lowering expectations just to avoid disappointment?