Sunday, April 27, 2014

When I gave up Face Book for Lent....

...nothing Earth shattering and revolutionary occurred but I gained some significant perspective. 

First I realizeed how much of my life fb consumed.

Second I realized that my first choice was fb; it was difficult to retrain my brain and fingers to not select that button on the phone... I eventually deleted the app. And retrained myself to select my bible app and see what God was speaking to me instead. (I allowed myself Pinterest and Instagram, and I think there was significant influx of pins on my board...) 

Third I realized how much people rely on fb to communicate and connect. I missed the invite to my college roomies shower(thankfully she texted me later), and so many friends had big things happening that I would have only found out on fb. When I got together with friends they would continue conversations from fb, and I was at a loss.

Finally I had so many things happening that I wanted to share with my friends- Maddox started tackle football, Madison made varsity soccer- just to name a two. 

My intent in participating in lent this year was to grow closer to God, and create a habit where I chose His word first to speak into my life. I can happily say I've grown in this through Lent. 

However, quite unexpectedly I learned the value of social media. I had become resentful of this new(ish) way we connect. It lacked the personal touch, the closeness, and depth I crave in relationships. But being with out it for 40 days, I had never felt so disconnected from my friends- even my closest ones. I realize now how comforting it is to click one button and be able to check in on the lives of my friends. 

Since I've been back, I've been looking in on each of them more, but posting about my happenings is lacking. Maybe I'll post more, maybe I'll just like and comment, but I certainly have a greater appreciation for the role fb plays in friendship.