Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MYP Personal Project

Hike 26; Saint Johns Trail 5 mile out and back in Keystone Colorado , 72 degrees and sunny, traveled through aspen meadows, pine forests and wild-flower meadows. Joined by my MYP group- Kathy, Lori, Kim, Laura, Acacia and Jeff.

Gear: EpiPen and allergy treatment kit, water, sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat.  (Wish I had trekking poles for the steep incline sections.)

This hike was a struggle!  We went straight up the side of the mountain outside our condo in search of our trail!  Next time I will not wear my chaco sandals on a hike like this as I needed much more ankle support and toe protection from the stickers!

I definitely demonstrated the learner profile characteristic of caring on this hike as I carried everyone's water in my bag.  But can that be considered caring if it was also self serving as I wanted the extra weight in preparation for an overnight backpacking trip??