Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ERRK! I think something, some invisible creature, has taken up residence in my home. This creature seems to take pleasure in stealing and hiding my running stuff. Monday morning I got out my ear warmers set them down on the bed, went and brushed my teeth and put my hair up, came back and they were gone! I mean literally gone! I took all the covers and sheets off the bed, not there,. I looked under the bed and between the head and foot boards, in the pile of clean laundry, and the pile of dirty laundry. I looked where it is usually stored. I searched every room, even looking in those odd places such as the refrigerator, and under the bathroom sink, gone I tell you. Both the kids said they didn't touch it.

I gave up the search and headed out with one of Brian's beanies on, which ended up being a good idea as it was freezing, actually 20 degrees below freezing!

Now I am getting ready to run again, and I can not find my BRAND NEW GARMIN FORERUNNER 50! Again I have searched everywhere, even more thorough than with the ear warmer! So to calm down I thought I would sit here and vent! Maybe by getting all the anger, sadness, and guilt out on "paper" will help me think more clearly...

I am hoping that little hands (meaning Maddox) did not decide to play with it and place it somewhere impossible to find. I am visioning it being crushed in the trash truck, or chewed to pieces by the dog, sent to the good will in a bag of clothes.... To think I only got to use it once!

EDIT: I am certain it is some malicious creature, now I can't find my asthma inhaler....

EDIT 2: Well the watch has been found, as well as the inhaler. The watch was under a table, pretty obvious considering all obscure places I looked, and the inhaler was in the jogging stroller from the last time I pushed Maddox on a run. Still missing, black Turtlefur ear warmers.

Learned? Everything has a home and it needs to be put back there immediately, leaving no chance for little fingers or invisible creatures to run off with it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Double Digits Day

So today Madison turned 10! I can hardly believe that ten years ago today such a great blessing came into my life. She has truly transformed my life, and the lives of everyone around her. It is at this time every year I am reminded of the amazing plan God has for her, I don't know the specifics, but I know she was created to make a huge difference in the world, big and small.

Today she slept in till almost 8:00, which at our house is sleeping in really late. Then requested pancakes, I got really creative and made them in the shapes of ones and zeros, corny I know but she liked it... Then we let her open one of her presents early because she had been hoping to get if for Christmas. She got the movie "Get Smart" and we all watched it.

Then we got out of our pj's and took a girls trip to go shopping. This of course included every ten year olds favorite store, Clair's, where she got a new ipod cover and wallet.

Every year Madison helps me make her cake, I have pictures from when she was two, and every subsequent year of this tradition (unfortunately the majority of them occurred before the digital camera era-wow how much has changed in ten years). This year we made brownies instead of a cake. The family came over to enjoy the treats, and of course spoil her even more. She got some new clothes, scrap booking supplies,a ski trip, new sled for her upcoming cabin trip, and a BB gun. She has been really wanting a BB gun so we decided to let her have one.

Madison's dog, Ranger, shares her birthday too, so we of course couldn't leave him out, and got him a massive bone to enjoy. This picture shows just how much they love each other and how close they are.

It was a really great day spent with an amazing girl. She is growing up way too fast, and it is difficult for her momma!

Learned? So many things change in 10 years, and most of the time I don't feel any different than I did 10 years ago, but today it is impossible to ignore the fact that I am aging... I have a ten year old!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fatter the Flakes Fall

Silent, softly falling snow,
Covers the crisply frozen earth,
Plush pillows hide the children’s toys left outside one day too long,

Still fatter the flakes fall.

Boisterous laughter accompanies children’s play,
Man of snow, with coal for eyes, image of imagination,
Warm cups of cocoa remedy the winter’s chill,

Still fatter the flakes fall.

Frisky puppies frolic in the newly fallen snow,
Paw prints tell the story of the afternoon’s adventure,
All too soon to be erased, as their makers warm by the fire,

Still fatter the flakes fall.

Steeply sloped sledding hill beckons riders to the top,
One more climb, one more thrill,
Atop the red toboggan, speeding down the hill

Still fatter the flakes fall.

Silent, secure in the warmth of home,
Covers pulled tight from chin to toes,
Plush pillows transform the window seat, a cozy winter bed.

Still fatter the flakes fall.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Multi-Talented Girl

Madison is a girl of many talents. She is amazing academically, is great at soccer, loves to climb, and I have always known that she was also talented musically. She had a great opportunity Monday night and I have been wanting to share it but couldn't find the right words since I wasn't actually there. My mom emailed me to tell me about the evening, so I thought I would just share her words with you....

Last night was the Fruita Monument High School Holiday Extravaganza- back in the day we called it the Christmas program. So where else would we be? We picked up Madison for our annual evening of enjoyment and headed out. The Choir, Band and Orchestra all perform (separately) which means a lot of parents and family come-so they have the program at the Avalon Theater downtown, where we went to see Brian Regan. To help raise money for the school programs they do something fun. They have for $5 you can play the trivia game, which is trivia on the 3 directors, Ryan being one of them. So you would think it was a done deal now but wait last year we did not win, oh the pressure. The major award for being the winner is you get to direct the band for one song-Sleigh Ride! Ryan has to have the band trained to work together and be able to play without real direction! So Madison picks our seat in the Balcony and we begin to fill out our trivia game. Dan makes it so fun for Madison and I. Then after turning it in we realize we forgot our program for the event- so Dan and Madison head off to get one. They end up chatting with a student about how sales were going on the trivia game and the student shares how Mr. Crabtree had told them his niece had been saving up all summer to buy a chance to direct the band, probably to encourage the band to be able to play the song no matter who was directing -or is it conducting. How funny the guy did not know he was talking to his niece! Madison is now so nervous and excited about possibly winning and actually going up there on the stage in front all those people. Of course we get to enjoy all the choirs first. Next is the band and Ryan comes out and is adding another level to the podium to make it taller. Yikes now she is sure she won or do they usually do that. Then Ryan reviews the answers with the crowd and we had only missed one- and it was about Ryan! He waits to announce the winner until they have played their first song. Now Madison is squirming, but it had looked this good last year too. So
Dan and I are reviewing how to walk out there with her head high and no one would be able to tell how scared she was. The first song is over and Ryan comes back to the mic. to announce the winner- Madison is frozen- and he says will Madison Caster come to the stage. At this time not many people are expecting an almost 10 yr old. Dan helps her to the back of the stage and Madison walks out with her head high and the crowd all sighed "oh" as how precious is that. Ryan took a few minutes to give her directing/conducting lessons and left her at the podium. She lifted her directors stick thing (what is that called?) and the band started playing. She almost seem startled at how powerful she was! She said the whole band was staring at her with
smiles in their eyes. When the song was over she stood there with her back to the crowd until Ryan came back and told her to take a bow. It was so sweet, she turns and brings one arm across her waist and the other one back and bows to the crowd. The kids and the whole crowd went wild cheering for her. As she walked off the kids were yelling "you rock Madison" and other cool stuff. She came back to her seat and was so shell shocked scared and had too much fun both. As Ryan was getting ready to direct the next song there was some confusion and the band started yelling Madison come back. She looks at Dan and said should I go? She was ready to go again. We did talk to Ryan later and he said she really had won the game, the closest other score only got 4 out of the 7 or 8 questions, so it wasn't fixed. I sure hope someone was able to get a picture of Ryan giving her lessons. What a memory!!!!
Love, Polly

Here are some pics of the event...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Cause you'll burn it..."

I think that I have made a lasting impression on my son. About a month ago I toasted him some cinnamon raisin bread and burnt it black, so I put in two more pieces and once again burnt them even blacker (if that could be possible). Since this incident he has banned me from making him toast or bagels. He insists that I instead put it in the oven. If Brian is home he refuses to let me even touch it. When I offer, he puts his hand up (ya know like talk to the hand) and says "No mom, I want daddy do it." When asked why... "cause you'll burn it." Brian finds this absolutely hilarious, and offers Maddox toast or bagels for every meal just to reenact this conversation.

Figures, the one thing that my son will remember from his childhood is that mom burns toast.

Learned? Maybe I should mess up all the rest of my cooking, then I will be banned from all cooking...Hmmm not a bad idea.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Official

There it is... my masters degree diploma. I find it odd that though I have received my pay raise, transcripts, and confirmation from the university that I completed the program, it only now feels complete.

Now... what class(es) should I take next... I need to get certified to teach Gifted and Talented, there are more math classes I want to take, a calculator class, I still have another online book study to do as well as a few weekends to meet for the MS Cubed program I started last summer ... hmmm...

Learned? Who knew when I graduated high school, or even college (the first time), that I would actually never be done going to school.