Friday, October 3, 2008

The Air Show -- Through My Grandma's Eyes

A weekend ago or so... we enjoyed the air show and a BBQ with family. My brother his wife and my niece were all in town too. From my moms house we got a pretty good show of the Blue Angels, they flew right over her house! Watching these planes fly with such speed and accuracy was amazing.

Though this was entertaining, the best part was watching my grandma enjoy the show. My grandpa was an Airforce pilot. He flew in World War II and Vietnam, as well as was a test pilot. Needless to say my grandma has a special tie to aviation. As I was watching the show, I soon found my self more entranced with my grandmother's enjoyment of the scene. She was glowing. She was giddy, and giggling. She thrust her fists into the air exzuberantly. I felt as if I were in a time warp seeing my grandma watching her husband with awe and excitement as he piloted fighter jets.

Finding that the show was coming to a conclusion, I finally asked my grandma about her memories. She shared that she once asked my grandpa if he considered becomming a Blue Angel. His response was "No Way! They fly from city to city doing the same thing day after day. That would get boring. I want to fly different routs each mission and I want to blow things up!"

Learned? Love and memories are a time machine.

(I'll post a pic, but my camera battery is dead, and I've already waited a week to post this...)