Monday, November 16, 2009

Getleman in the Making

My aunt Penny is sick, she needs a liver transplant. Last week my mom and here were flight for lifed over to Denver to get her stabilized and start tests to get the transplant. Finally they were able to come home on Friday night. My mom moved Penny into her house to keep a better eye on her and maker sure she is getting her meds on time.

All that to say this:
Tonight we went to their house for dinner. Penny needed help getting up and walking down the hall so my mom was holding her arm, and Maddox walked over and held her hand along the way too. Then Penny needed to have some oxygen so Maddox helped turn on her oxygen. My mom rubbed Penny's back to help her calm down, and Maddox crawled up on the bed to rub her back too. Then he thought she would like to be read a story so he picked one out and read that to her (with a bit of help from me).

I was, and am so touched by how great his caring and compassion is for those in need, and he is only 3!

Learned: I think we can all learn something from the sweet innocence of children.

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