Friday, November 27, 2009

5 Days Off, 4 Seasons of Weeds, 3 Books Finishded, 2 Family Meals, and 1 Tired Lady

I have been so incredibly busy as well as stressed lately. Sometime I will take the time to properly "vent" about all that but instead I thought I would share how excited I am for 5 whole days off and what I plan to do with that luxury!

Wednesday was a great day! It was the first time in my teaching career that we had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. When I was signing Maddox up for school this holiday week I just assumed that we would be working that day, so he got signed up for school. It turned out to be great as I got to spend the entire day with just Madison. We got up and made two loaves of pumpkin bread (which is already gone). Then we went shopping, out to lunch, and to New Moon. (I had gone the night before with some of my soccer mom friends and my mom...a great girls night).

My original plan for Thursday was to run the Turkey Trot with Madison in the morning, but I still can't run. Instead the kids and I just relaxed and read books and watched movies. Finally about noon we got our selves together and made final preparations for Thanksgiving at Brian's sister's. It was a nice meal and for once I didn't over eat... I felt full not not uncomfortable. Madison made plans to stay the night at Amy and Cecil's and get up for the mad morning shopping with Amy, Carrie, and Tiss.

On this break I finished 3 books,The Time Travelers Wife and Three then on Friday I got up and finished my third book, Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight Saga for my third time. No, I am not obsessed, I just like to finish the whole story. I just couldn't leave it hanging like the movie had. It was just me and the boy today, Madison was shopping and Brian was working. Maddox was a very good boy letting me read all day and playing with his toys and snuggling me. I needed a day like that.

Saturday we headed to my mom's for our second family Thanksgiving get-together. My brother and his family were in town as well as Dan's daughter from Salt Lake. I got to see all of my nieces, they are growing up way too fast. Maddox and Roxy played really well together, which made for a great evening.

Sunday was a take it easy day and we just all hung out and relaxed. I tried to prep myself for returning to work but no matter what I was not ready.

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