Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday Gifts

Years ago when we first moved into our house, my grandma gave me a bunch of her bulbs to plant in my flower beds. She also told me a story that every March her first daffodil blooms on (or very near) my grandpa's birthday.

That next spring I eagerly awaited my blooms to burst open, and just as my grandma had said, the first of the blooms was a beautiful yellow daffodil on my grandpa's birthday.

So every year when my first daffodil blooms I am reminded of my grandpa. It is like his continual gift to us, brightening our dreary winter with the beautiful promise of sunshine.

This year was no different. My first bulb sprang forth with the brilliant colors of sun and warmth this week, slowly opening to its full splendor today, today March 24, my grandpa's birthday. I called and shared the news with my grandma, since she didn't bring any of her bulbs with her in the move. She was so tickled to be reminded of Grandpa's Daffodil.

It was such a great sight to see, so I had to share it with all of you... Happy Spring and Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Learned: I am so thankful for the memories I have of my grandpa, I only wish my kids could have met him...

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