Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Together Dead & From Dead to Worse

Juste needed to note that I have finished these two Sookie books. The first, All Together Dead, takes Sookie on a trip to a national Vampire convention where the safety and future of not only her local vamipres are in jeopardy, but so is Sookies love life.

The second, From Dead to Worse, throws Sookie in the midst of hostile take overs amongst the Weres and the Vampires. Sookie becomes even more confused about her relationships, Quinn the WereTiger, Bill the ex, Alcide the almost, and Eric the wishful... I can't say who I hope she ends up with, but I will say I was once again surprised at her resolve in these relationships, even if they sometimes seem flippant, and spur of the moment.
(This pic is from the hours spent at the hospital with my mom, I wanted to get what the view was, but also noticed that the title and the scenery are kind of bad taste... sorry !)

Learned? A whole weekend at the hospital with a whacked out mom makes for a quick read...

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