Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Running: Week 1

Because my running has been so pitiful throughout the winter (due to winter weather and a sore knee), I have a goal of running at least 10 miles a week for the month of March.

Monday I ran 3 miles after work but before I picked up the kids (this is my plan to get running in before I get home and distracted with my other motherly duties). Wednesday I had a staff Meeting and so I had to settle for running in circles at the track during Madison's practice but managed to get in 3.5 miles. Then today I ran 4 miles and it felt pretty good, putting this weeks running total at just over 10 miles!

My mom is in Hawaii and I said I would check on grandma while she was gone, so I thought I would combine the two today and run to her house. It was such a beautiful morning and on the way there I realized that I once again had over dressed for my run. When I got to grandmas I noticed the black clouds rolling into the valley so decided to head home. The run home was much cooler, and I was thankful for my warmer clothes. Just as I turned onto our street the first drops of the rain. I was so thankful that I got out this morning while it was still nice and didn't put off running till later in the day... because it stayed pretty nasty and I would have never made it out!

Learned? Don't put of until later, what can be done now.

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