Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remodeling The Bathroom

Over spring break I decided to remodel the bathroom. It was the only room in our house that has not undergone complete renovation... Brain pointed out to me that I always start these big projects when he is working his 12 days straight, and is unable to help. Thankfully Summer came over to help with the demolition, even though she was giving her own bathroom a face lift! Also my dad came over to help (as well he should since he was the one that suggested the project be expanded from just floor and vanity, to include the shower) It was so nice to spend a few days with my dad too!

Maddox was a good helper (most of the time), and only lost patience after 5 days.

The whole project has lasted 12 days. I started on Wednesday during break, and it was just finished last night. By the end of the first weekend we at least had a working shower so we could stop traveling to the parents in the evenings.

Currently we have a fully functional bathroom, all that needs to be done now is the baseboard, knobs, and towel hooks. But I really consider it done!

The best part of the whole thing was that it cost us less than $1000 when all was said and done!

Well.... enjoy the pics!

Learned? A project I thought would be finished in a week, but took a lot longer... reminded me I am not the best judge of how long things take....


pretendingsanity said...

wow, you ended up doing a lot more than I thought you were going to! Looks great!

sarahgrace said...

Wow. I am impressed that you took this project on mostly by yourself! Looks great!

Summer said...

It turned out GREAT! Well if teaching goes down the tubes you could always take up remodeling! Congrats!