Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend (a Busy One)

Brian had to work this weekend but of course this doesn't mean we skimp on all the plans. One good thing is that our soccer game that was scheduled for Saturday was rescheduled so we didn't have to travel Easter weekend.

Saturday night we made our monthly dinner for the homeless shelter. I started doing this with my friend Anne a while back and it since become a favorite family activity: everyone helps out. This month we made enchilada casseroles, which were way easier than I expected.

Later that night we had a live showing of COPS in our back yard... Brian was out walking the dogs with Madison and called to say that the Sheriff was at the house behind us and to lock the doors in case he hopped our fence... so after I followed his directions, I went upstairs to look out the window and I saw the dude hop over the balcony, drop off, and hide in the attached shed. So I called Brian, who went and told the officers (who were leaving)... Then all these sheriff cars showed up and there was a "stand off" while trying to get the guy to come out. I got bored watching then yell for him to come out so I came down to start the egg dying process. BUT when I went up to check again the cops were gone and the door was open... I MISSED ALL THE ACTION!

During this ordeal Brian's parents came over and had dinner and dyed eggs with us. Maddox was super wound up and a dying maniac! It took all my patience to accomplish this task.

Sunday morning we got up and read a story about the resurrection of Jesus (one of the two most important days in history to me), then set about our Easter day activities. Brian hid our eggs before he left for work and set up the Easter baskets (thanks to him I didn't have to get up early to do this... it may not have happened if it was up to me). So the kids had fun looking for eggs. They always get swim suits for Easter, and Maddox was easy to buy for, but Madison.... not so much. So we went on line and spent (too much) of the morning shopping for suits for her and I. But we did find some really cute one. After our shopping we made a fruit salad, and headed (with Brian) to his sisters for lunch and more egg hunts. The kids had a great time, and came home with too much - which I will be taking to school to give away.

Learned: Over all it was a very nice-though divers- weekend! Hope yours was fabulous too!


pretendingsanity said...

who is that random child?

Brooke said...

That random child would be Malia, Dillon's girlfriend's daughter. :) Guess I should have mentioned who everyone is...