Friday, April 9, 2010

The Nanny Diaries

On my trip to Denver several weeks ago I borrowed this boook on CD from a friend. On the way home I popped in the last of the CDs and it wouldn't play!!! Hating to leave a story unfinished, I ran to the library to grab the book.

I was really expecting a comical story of the life of a nanny to a wealthy NY family, instead it was quite sad! The story was very believable, and I am sure the the authors used their personal experiences as the materil for the novel-- making it even worse! I just can't believe that there are parents (I should say people that birth children) and then pay someone else to raise them! I mean this nanny went on vacations with them, to social gatherings, and many other places WITH the parents present, and was expected to take care of the childs every need.

Not only did Nanny (the main character) raise the child for the 9 months she worked there but she was treated HORRIBLY -- completely taken advantage of.

So though the book helped pass the time quickly on my lonesome drive, I was really disturbed by the reality that there really are situations like this out there, it was hard to fall in love with.

It is a movie, and despite my opinion of the book, I think that I just might need to watch it...

Learned: I promise not to beat my self up any more about my parenting practices... Compared to these characters I AM THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD.

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Jillian said...

I was a nanny for years for a very wealthy couple and it's very much like you described. The children come to feel more attatched to their nanny than there parents. I didn't realize just how sad that was until i had my own kids.