Sunday, February 8, 2009

How Do I Know That He Really Loves Me?

He treks across the frozen waste land, through the winding valleys and summits dangerous mountain peeks, in order to get me what I need. (AKA braves the cold floor of the garage, and the many toys we have crammed in there, to retrieve TP or contact solution at midnight.)

He daringly eats suspicious food to ensure that it is not poisonous, before I even take a bite. (AKA he always offers the better looking, tasting food to me; like this morning his waffle looked better than mine, and he offered to trade me.)

He is able to hold together a super nova just by wrapping his arms around it and holding it tight. (AKA He can calm me from a fit of anxiety, just by encompassing me in his arms.)

He will secretly put my wants and desires above his own.(AKA he will order something from the menu just because I said it sounded good, and am too chicken to try something new, then let me try it, and possibly trade.)

As if all this doesn't prove his love, Yesterday he gave the clothes off his back to protect the life of the woman he loves. (AKA, I forgot my snow pants -again- when we went snowshoeing, he gave me his and hiked through the snow in just a single layer fleece pants.)

Learned? I have some definite ground to cover before I even come close to showing him the same amount of love....

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Rachylee said...

When we stop and think 'how awesome' our SO is... I really need to show more appreciation.