Friday, February 20, 2009

Lingering Migraine and a Cheese Nut in the Nose

I don't think that I have ever had the headache part of a migraine last so long. I went to work to try and be tough, but eventually left and returned home before 11 today, then continued to sleep for the remainder of the day. I am finally feeling some relief from the headache and only experiencing the disconnectedness that follows, what I call the Migraine Hangover.

Last night, while attempting to be normal, Maddox starts to freak out and says "I got a cheese nut in my nose!" He had been sitting on the couch eating these mini cheese crackers, that he calls "Cheese Nuts". Apparently one got lodged in his nostril, and he was mining to remove it, and in the process gave himself a bloody nose and a panic attack.

After much screaming, and stern "JUST BLOW"s he followed his dad's advice and blew his nose, and like a rocket, out shot the Cheese Nut!

Learned? Another toddler milestone to put down in the record books! (I don't remember Madison EVER doing anything like this!)

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