Saturday, February 14, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You... just not that good.

Thursday night we went out with my brother and his wife Kristen to dinner and a movie. It was quite enjoyable. I don't think the four of us have done that in... maybe forever. Mom and Dan watched the kids for us (THANKS!!) and we headed to Chile's for the greasy appetizer food Kirsten was craving. We saw my friend Allison there celebrating her daughters birthday, (Happy Birthday Eden!). Then we headed to the theater.

The movie had funny bits, but overall I thought it was kind of sad. Nathan summed it up pretty good saying, "They are getting really good at making movies look good in previews."

Friday night we went to my mom and Dan's for Taco Bar, and then went to the Brian Regan show at the Avalon. A whole group of us went: Dan's sister and her husband, Dan's nephew and his wife, Dan's daughter in law (her husband was doing pep band that night), Nate and Kristen, and Art and Rhonda. Mom and Dan were supposed to come but we encountered a dilemma when thinking who could watch all the kids, so they offered to stay home and watch them. Kara, Dan's daughter, was supposed to come, but she is about to hatch a baby and decided it would be safer to stay home -- there is too much empty desert between where she lives and here.

It was quite funny, and the opener for Brian Regan was HILARIOUS!!! Poor Brian (my Brian) had to work the next day, and two late nights made him super exhausted.

Learned? It has been a fun beginning to the weekend! I am looking forward to the rest of it... My kindred spirit, Vycci, is in town and it was Twilight opening weekend since I last saw her. (Way too long)

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