Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why's The Road Bumpy?

As we were leaving my dad's house on Thursday, and we change from the bumpy dirt road to the smooth paved road, Maddox asked, "Mom, why is this road not bumpy like that road?"

The science teacher in me sprang to life - though the answer is fairly simple. "Well Maddox, " I begin, "the bumpy road is a dirt road, and when it rains the dirt turns to squishy mud. When people drive on the squishy mud it makes puddles. Then when the water evaporates, and the mud dries, the puddles become bumps. The paved road is made of hard asphalt, and when it rains the water runs off of it, so it doesn't get bumpy."

The two year old just accepts my explanation with "oh.." And I doubt that he even understood it.

The next morning we wake up to several inches of snow on the ground. As we are driving to take him to my dads he matter of factly tells me, "Grandma Shell's road is going to get bumpy today."

Learned? He is a little sponge, I was amazed that he could transfer the story and apply it to snow and not just rain! Smart little bugger!

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