Friday, February 6, 2009

Gearing Up For Spring Soccer

Last night Madison had her first soccer practice for the spring season. With only the first night finished, I can clearly remember the race life turns into during soccer, especially the spring season.

This is what my life will look like for the next few months.

Monday Night: GOTR till 5:15
Tuesday Night: Soccer 6-7:15
Wednesday Night: NOTHING :)
Thursday Night: GOTR till 5:15 and Soccer from 6:00-7:15
Friday Night: NOTHING
Saturday: Games at any time from 9-3.

That is just Madison's athletic schedule, she still has homework to do too! Throw in there me needing to run/work out and get dinner made before - or between - practice, AND keep up with all the house work! It puts me on the verge of an anxiety attack just typing it!

Thankfully I have a great husband who will help out, he has offered to take her to soccer practices, which is great since it is still C-O-L-D at that time of day.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is so important for Madison to be active and healthy, so I am not complaining -- really. I just have to mentally prepare for what is ahead.

Learned? It is amazing how much more we seem to be able to cram into an already full day.

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Walker paradise said...

I can't wait until TD has a crazy athletic schedule, I just registered him for Tball and I'm so excited!!! I got your message I'll call you thanks for calling, you're a crazy excersing maniac!! I love you so much even though I didn't call you back!! But you have to fit tennis into that, I'm jonesing to play! for some reason we make time for that!