Thursday, February 19, 2009

*%!@$ Migraine

Why do migraines have to impose them selves upon me at the most inopportune times? I used to get migraines at least once a month. After some changes to my diet and medication I get them less and less frequently.

Today one struck again with the omnious blind spot, numb fingers, nausea, and excruciating pain behind my left eye that invaded the entire left lobe of my brain. I tried to be tough and wait it out till my 2nd period students left -- that turned out to be a mistake, because I wasn't able to get to sleep before the major pain started, which made it very difficult to fall asleep.

Finally, after loosing a whole day, I am able to get up and move around with only a dull pounding behind my eye. I always feel disconnected and fragil after migraines for the rest of the day and most of the following.

What I didn't get done because of my migraine:

*Grade 6th, 7th, and 8th grade papers
*Import grades into Making the Grade
*Upload grades to Parent Bridge
*Plan lessons for tomorrow and Monday
*Teach (I know this sounds silly, but I was looking forward to teaching today, I was gone yesterday at a class!)
*Enjoy the sunny day outside with my kids.

Learned: Go to bed at the FIRST sign of a migraine, don't try and be tough!

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pretendingsanity said...

trust me, you need to try imitrex