Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calling ALL Frineds and Family

So, as usual I have over committed myself... Next Tuesday night the Math department at my school is hosting a food for thought night. This is where we provide dinner for families and get them to partner with the school in some way. We are teaching different math games they can do as a family.

In addition to pizza they (the math team) thought about doing desserts-- cookies, brownies, ect. I volunteered to make the desserts so we didn't have to spend money on it and could provide more manipulatives for the families. This was before I was told that there would be about 300 people!!!!

So would any one be willing to donate and bake a dozen (or two) cookies for me that would be so helpful...

You can only guess what I will be doing this weekend!

Learned? Get specifics, Get details BEFORE you commit to something...

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Walker paradise said...

I would be more than willing to help you girlfriend would you call to remind me though? awesome. okay soooo cute post about brian thanks for sharing