Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something Old

I have had this old sewing machine since my grandma moved out of her house a few years ago. I love it and have wanted to put it in the house somewhere, but we have a small house that is overcrowded already. AND I wanted to find the perfect spot for it. Needless to say it has since sat in my garage..., buried under boxes of books, sitting dejected behind many other forgotten treasures.

Alas yesterday was a special day, the day it found the beginning of its purpose...

I unearthed it from is lowly spot in the garage, and hauled (it is quite heavy...)it into the house. Then disassembled the tangled web that was the computer/phone/modem/wireless router, cleaned the disgusting accumulation of dust from every surface in that corner, as well as ever surface of the sewing machine, and tossed the old computer desk making room for the antique sewing machine...

I dreaded reconnecting all the wires, sure that I would mess up and not be able to use the phone or Internet... amazingly I did it!
I am not sure if this will be the final placement of this piece of furniture or not, but I am so happy to finally have it in the house where I can enjoy its design and sentimental value.

Learned: Sometimes you just need to DO it and not worry about it being perfect.

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