Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake City via Corkscrew and Cinnamon Pass

Thursday we headed out of town with the Mueller's for a Jeep trip. We were due in Lake City on Friday morning to pick up our girls from horse camp at Camp Red Cloud, and thought we would take a mini adult vaca... It was absolutely beautiful and incredibly fun! We met in Ouray, where John and Anne rented their Jeep and headed out of town making our way up Corkscrew. The views were breathtaking! We were headed over Hurricane Ridge and California Gulch when a snow drift forced us to turn around and head into Silverton to get to Cinnamon Pass. It was a pretty detour, and we got to see the ghost town of Animus Forks too! Then we made our way over Cinnamon. Several years ago John wanted to take Cinnamon Pass home from Redcloud but they were in the mini van. On our way down they showed us how far they had made it in the mini van, and we were SHOCKED!!! They were almost to the summit when Jeep coming the other way ogled at them and said they should turn around. It is an ongoing joke now that always gets a good laugh!

We got into Lake City and checked into the lodge and had an amazing dinner! We also got a good laugh about the diversity of our stay: Lake City is a dominantly Texan town, the owners of the lodge were French (complete with thick accent and all), they made (amazing) Italian food, and had a Mongolian exchange worker for the summer who was trying to learn English from people speaking French or Texan accented English.

It was a great time with some great friends, in the GREAT outdoors!

Learned: I miss our Jeep....

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