Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Maddox... (Last Month)

I can not believe that I have not posted about Maddox's birthday and it is now well over a month since the big day! We had a great time with the family, all of my brothers were there or represented in some way (Alix couldn't get home but his wife was in town for graduation so she came), as well as all the grand parents, Brian's sister, and Christie (Dillon had to work). So there were plenty of kids to make it a fun party for the birthday boy: Malia, Rider, Tenley, Tessa, Myla, and Madison.

Here are some pics of the special day.

It is really had to believe that it has been four years since Maddox was born, it has gone so fast... This past year has brought on a lot of growth and change in him. He has really changed into a boy and not a toddler, he started school which (thank GOD) he loves, his imagination has gone wild, and he continues to be full of energy always running, throwing, MMA-ing, wrestling -- basically be a full on boy. He also has a very intuitive and loving side, caring for those around him including the dogs. He has his mother's strong will (thankfully mine is stronger), and his father's fun loving and carefree perspective on life. I don't think a day goes by that he doesn't do something to make us all laugh, smile, or bring us joy.

All of our lives have been so blessed and enriched because of him. Though I don't wish the years away, I am excited to see his life unfold.

Learned: Reminded of how much meaning children bring to your life...

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