Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Target,

I a writing to complain about the terrible service I received at your store last night. This is what happened:

I just had to grab a couple of things and I was already annoyed because my daughter wanted this LAME looking headphones and music player set that looked like a baby bottle, and I just couldn't come to terms with buying it. So my friend, Anne and I headed to the check out stands and the store was SO busy that I thought it was Christmas time. I mean we were weaving through people and then the lines were so long. We ended up getting in line behind a friend of mine that I had not seen since high school, Chantalle. She looks the same just older, as I suppose I do too. But what shocked me the most was here total lack of fashion sense! She used to dress so cute and trendy, and here she is at 30 something in the middle of target wearing pattern jeans... they were a blue background with tiny little flower bouquets all over it, and it didn't stop there, she had on a matching shirt! Here in front of me stands not the friend I remember but a denim flower princess from the early 90's!

As Chantalle is finished the people behind us, who apparently know her, hand her two drinks, a new flavor Mt. Dew (the white one) and an Aquifina, to check out and she finishes. Then the lady just comes up to check out in front of Anne and I saying, "Since we are together, I don't think you will mind if I just move up here." Now remember that I am already a bit annoyed and in a hurry so I am not my usual forgiving, considerate self, so I speak up and say... "Ummm, actually I do mind, we are in a bit of a hurry." So off Chantalle goes herding her children out the door, and the lady behind me harrumphs.

Anne is quickly finished, having only a two things. Now it is my turn. I set all my stuff down, and the cashier, I mean Sales Associate, who heard the whole exchange about us being in a hurry just ups and leaves with her trash can. Sauntering slowly to the larger trash receptacle, taking her time emptying and making sure to converse with her coworkers on the way back. During this whole exchange I am looking around fuming, trying to find a different line to join, but they are all several deep. I also notice the lady who tried to cut in front of us is in the next lane and already paying and heading out the door!!! Now I am beyond fuming!!!

The sales associate, then slowly starts ringing my stuff up, taking her time, talking to her co workers. Finally I can't stand it anymore and I ask her, "Excuse me, did you not hear my earlier confrontation, I am in a hurry, could you please go faster." Now she gets an attitude, and welcomes me to join a different line, of course they are all full now, which I dutifully point out to her. She then consults a fellow sales associate who recommends that she take a moment to "step out", which apparently means she steps out of the cash register area to take a minute and calm down. I guess I have been so rude that now I have upset her!!! So she stands there just looking at me with malicious thoughts, almost like... "ha ha ha, how is your hurry now... I have got the power now lady." Finally I can't stand it any more so I request to see a manager. Instead they call up the sheriff, who ends up being the husband of my eye doctor. I try to politely tell him that we are having a confrontation, and I am in a hurry. He tries to be the good guy to both of us, which only frustrates me more... because OBVIOUSLY I am in the right! Through his mediation attempts I only get more pissed, and finally storm out of the store buying nothing.

Anne and our kids had left ahead of me to get loaded in the car, so I begin searching the parking lot...

Then I hear "Beep! Beep! Beep!" thinking it is a car backing up I frantically search around to avoid being flattened, but it doesn't stop, this annoying beeping continues. Then I look over my shoulder, it is quite cloudy, and fuzzy around the edges and I see a glowing blob and as my eyes focus better I see a 5:45 in the center of the glowing blob, and the beeping seems to be coming from that direction...

Learned: Brian is just thankful that I had this dream about Target and not him... He is usually the one I wake up pissed at after a vivid confrontational dream.

ALSO NOTE: Even though it was a dream I am still pissed at Target, and pretty sure I will be boycotting it for a while... (till I need something there).


Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

You are too funny!!!

Strawberryblush said...

That's hilarious. You know that's how rumors get started don't you? DId you hear Brooke got arrested at Target? LOL! Too funny!!! Glad it was just a dream. :)