Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

So delicious I devoured it...

As the ripe old age of 30 looms in Liz's ever nearing future, she comes face to face with the realization that the life she has is not the life she wants. Depressed and lonely, feelings of failure send Liz on a journey of self discovery, one that spans three countries and one year, and a life time of eye opening, heart softening, soul calming enlightenment.

Visiting Italy to fully indulge in the art of pleasure... for Liz this means food, wine, and language. Visiting India Liz fully immerses herself in devotion and seeking God. Finally in Indonesia, Bali to be precise, Liz discovers the balance between the two and discovers that the heart is a place of infinite love.

Gilbert's wit and humor, and honest portrayal of even the darkest places within herself, make this memoir read with the ease of the most captivating novels. Spoiled by her poetic writing and insights into the culture, language, and spiritual aspects of her travels, I just ate and ate and ate it up, never feeling full, always hungry for more.

Admittedly Gilbert says that she is not sure which "religion" she would claim, but she knows that her God is "magnificent". When they converse the words are filled with compassion, wisdom, overflowing with infinite love. Through her entire seeking and finding, and drawing near to God, it becomes more evident to me that the God she is discovering and falling in love with is the same God that I love, one that can not be bound by a religion, but only defined by relationship, a relationship (as with all relationships) that requires time spent together... through meditation (the listening time of the conversation) and prayer (the talking time of the conversation.)

LEARNED: I don't know what others will get out of this book... whether it will reveal itself as a vacation for the couch tourist, a spiritual awakening, or just a book to enjoy, but for me it has never been more clear....Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you, self discovery is directly linked to God discovery... (and I am not talking religion here...)

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