Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...and I was going for subtle....

I have PINK hair... yeah I know... totally crazy...right?

Here's the story! Last week at the lake Alison and I saw a girl with the cutest hair.. black with blue under layer and blue bangs... WAY cute! So yesterday we decided to do it too.

At Sally's we got the bleach kit and picke out our color, Alison chose blue, and I chose a deep red because it looked more subtle (ha ha) than all the other colors.

It was kinda like de-ja-voo bleaching Allison's hair. Years ago she used to go platinum blond and I would always bleach it for her... Now here we are (almost 31 and not yet 30) bleaching and going for crazy hair color like we are 17 again!

When we finished and I saw the color of mine I almost freaked out...almost.... everyone said they liked it (including Jim, Seth, and the kids) and Allison LOVED it -- recommending that I keep it for a day and if I still was not sure about it we could change it later.

Allison's turned out just how we were planning (though it took an extra session of blue dye). In the end I think we both would have been completely happy if we could have traded hair.

It is the next day, and it is growing on me. It is definitely wild and bold, but it is kinda fun and crazy for the summer.

It seems that I am making a tradition of doing something completely out of character for myself each summer. Last year it was a nose piercing, this year pink hair, next year...who knows!!

Learned: It is kinda fun to do something out of the ordinary, and hair (for me) is a great choice because I know I can always change it.