Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dead in the Family

Reading the newest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series was a lot of fun. It was a quick read that I enjoyed over the weekend at the cabin. I was so taken away by the story that I didn't even notice the amount of sun I was getting on only one side of my face... OOPS!

This story finds Sookie on the mend after the Fae found and tortured her in the last book. Trouble still persists for Eric (Sookie's love flame) after the hostile take over of his state by the Nevada vampires, and he is concerned for himself, his faithful employees, and of course Sookie. After consenting to let the Shreveport Wolf pack hunt on her land during one of the full moons, a fresh body is found buried in Sookies back yard and Sookie finds herself in typical trouble. Someone is trying to frame her, or frame the wolf pack (who happen to be seeking societial freedom), or possibly discredit Eric in preparation for a take over of their own. To make matters worse for Sookie, strange fae have been tracked through her woods, and at the worst time Eric, has a visitor who only adds to his current troubles.

Learned: Once again I was well entertained, though this one seemed to take a bit longer to get into the action, I enjoyed the story on the way.. I give it a 3...

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