Sunday, June 13, 2010

Horse Camp

Madison and Emma have gone to Camp Redcloud Adventure Camps for the past two years, this year they decided to go to the Horse Camp they offer. They had a full week of learning how to care for, saddle, ride, trot, canter, and everything else that goes with horse riding. They even took their horses on an over night camping trip where they had to pack the saddle bags with all the gear and food need for them and their horses, and sleep out under the stars.

When we picked up the girls from the horse camp they did a horse show to demonstrate all they had learned about riding. Madison got a Welsh pony, who was new to the herd and quite ornery. They played several games that showed us how they learned to mount, dismount, trot, lead, turn, and some other stuff that I don't know what its called. They played Red Light Green Light that showcased their ability to start and stop their horses. They played a game where they had to fill a cup with water and go to the other end of the arena and fill a container to overflowing; this game showcased their ability to maneuver their horses. Madison's horse was afraid of the cups and took off across the arena, Madison did a good job of getting her horse, named Jericho, to calm down. They also bobbed for apples, they would ride to the other end dismount bob for the apple then feed it to their horse, or take two bites. Madison's horse wouldn't eat the apple and she couldn't bite it with her braces so the counselor ate it.

When the show was over the girls took the horses into the barn and took the saddle off and away, took off the bridles and led the horses out to the pasture.

Learned: It was impressive how much they learned during the week about the care of horses and riding technique.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

Very cool! Isaac would love this! I may have to look into the possibility of something like this for him. Hope to see you all soon.