Sunday, February 28, 2010

Movie Night (and the dreams it sparked)

I LOVED reading The Time Travelers Wife and got a few of my friends to read it with the intention of having a girls night to watch the movie. Well if you know my life you know how incredibly busy it is with all the soccer games and practices, and work and meetings, and , and, and.... So you can imagine that trying to find a time with 4 other moms that are just as busy as I am, would be pretty durn difficult.

So last night Summer and I got together to for this months clothing swap, and watched the Time Travelers Wive. It had been a while since I had read the book, but I was VERY pleased with the movie and how well it followed the love story. Summer had just finished reading it and she thought it was well done too! There were elements and scenes that we both thought should have been in the movie, but understand why they weren't- for time's sake... But I am pleased to announce that I made it through the movie with dry(er) eyes than I had while reading the book. I only teared up at the end (and if you know the book or movie, you know what I mean). I was once again touched by the strength of the bond that held a couple together when time could not... Good thing I get to watch it again with the rest of the group that read the book!

After our movie was over her husband fed us yummy Talapia with ravioli, and suggested another movie... Law Abiding Citizen. So I went and got the rest of my family and enjoyed Gerard Butler in this great movie. Brian and I watched this movie in the theater and really enjoyed it, and were once again entertained with it. It tipped my normally passive political self into a rant that I will share at a later date... but a great movie, though it was a bit gorier than I had remembered.

Once I finally laid my head down and drifted to sleep.... I had amazing dreams of time traveling love it was great to allow my brain to carry on it's own sequel to The Time Travelers Wife... I don't remember it as vividly as I do many of my dreams, but I remember my heart swelling at the amount of love I felt between the two characters and the desire I had to make every moment I had with my love be enjoyed to the fullest, and the heart ache I felt when they were ripped apart...

Learned: A lesson learned and soon NOT forgotten: cherish the one your with while you have them to cherish.

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