Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blink Of An Eye

I am a huge fan of Ted Dekker; I love how wonderfully he weaves elements of Christianity with action, adventure, thrill, and romance. He once again captivate me for a few days in Blink Of An Eye; a tale of two cultures that collide together for an adventure that spans from California to the Middle East.

In this fast reading novel, Dekker explores one Saudi Princess fight for her life and love and refusal to play her part as a pawn in a change of power in the Middle Eastern Country. In her fleeing attempt to save her own life and possible the future of her country, she is miraculously rescued by a genius in Southern California, who has just recently acquired the ability of precognition. Through all of the action, all of the thrill, Dekker illuminates the second greatest command that God gave us, to love, and the power and freedom that comes when we choose to love.

Learned: One of my favorite quotes was about prayer, and it is the most powerful weapon we have here on Earth.

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