Friday, February 26, 2010

Maddox Being Maddox

I can not believe how fast this kid is growing...physically and intellectually.

Currently he is 3 (though that will change in just a few months) and is completely grown into 5T clothes. ALL of the 4T's we bought him over Christmas are high water or belly shirts. Which I guess is ok considering my next tid bit:

This morning while trying to find clothes for the boy I discovered that he had only one pair of jeans (out of 6) that did not have a hole in the knee. So I threw those on him for school today. When I picked him up... sure enough he had a gaping hole in the knee of these too! When I asked him is he slid around on the floor at school like he was sliding into a base, he said "Mom, the hole in my pants is because I am growing, not from playing." No son, the bare ankles I see and you belly button sticking out of your shirt with sleeves up to the middle of your forearms is because you are growing; you have holes in ALL the pairs of jeans we own because you are a boy...

As a kid I rarely remember knowing where I was while traveling around town in the car, let alone rules of the road, but Maddox seems to be all to aware. When I picked him up from school he told me that if we went straight we would get home or we could turn right and that would also take us home, amazingly he was correct! Then while reading "Go Dog Go" before bed he noticed that the traffic light in the picture only had red and green and told me that "in real life the lights have yellow which means SLOW DOWN!"

Now he is on a kick telling everyone how to spell his name. It is so cute to hear him describe his "d's" as circles with lines going up.

Learned: I am just having a mommy moment and it is hard to believe that he is growing up at what seems to be warp speed. I keep looking at him thinking that I have to get in all the squeezes and smooches I can because when I blink again he will be 12 and that won't be too cool any more. Then I'll blink again and he will be 18 and other girls will start moving in...{sigh}... to hard to have your babies grow up...

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