Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maddox's First Ski Trip

Monday February 15 we took Maddox skiing for the first time. He was so exctied to go that the night before he put on his skis in the house. The next morning he was bubbling over with excitement the whole way up to the slopes, with a constant stream of talking coming out of him.

When we first got up there we had him try out his ski legs in the little bowl and he had great balance, and immediately wanted to go up the chair lift. So we got in line and headed up the hill with no mishaps on the first or any of the trips up the hill.

He got frustrated with me making him go slower than he wanted with the harness we used to teach Madison. But quickly got the hang of things. (like before we got to the bottom of the first hill, quick).

Brian and Madison decided to take a few runs on the big hill while Maddox and I kept working on turns. Maddox and I met back up with Madison and Brian after we ate, and Brian continued the lessons while I went back to the truck (I was feeling the first effects of the flue that plagued me for the the next 24 hours).

I was so proud of Maddox, I knew those huge thighs I mean strong legs, would help him out some day! It is a great memory, and reminds me of when we taught Madison.

Learned: Seeing your kids ski, and beam with the joy of skiing, is amazing!

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