Saturday, February 13, 2010


Some of the first books that I really got lost in as an adult were Black, Red, and White by Ted Dekker. These books captivated me with a great story line weaving good and evil in two alternate realities; where in one the spiritual is represented physically. There was plenty of action and romance, and full of the TRUTH of God's love for us.

In the most recent, and final book in the Circle series, Dekker brings to books to a complete circle - pun completely intended. He even states that you could begin with Green or Black... and I must admit when I first started reading this book I wasn't so sure I agreed with that statement, but now that I have finished I completely agree... though I would recommend starting with Black.

Green felt a lot more dark and full of the evil that has overtaken both of the worlds. But even in the midst of the darkness, when all hope feels lost, this book shows that all is not lost if we trust in God, the one who loves us, gives us the ability to love, and yearns for us to love him in return.

Though it took me a lot longer to read than the others, it wasn't because I wasn't completely lost in it, but that life kept getting in the way. All the times that I was (so rudely) interrupted, it made it a bit difficult to follow the multiple story lines both in the past and in the future. It had also been a really long time since I had read the other books, so I was having difficulty remembering some of what happened, but since this book is meant to be the beginning OR the end to the series, that didn't really matter. The only think that I guffawed at was Dekker's inclusion (very minuscule) of vampires... I just didn't think that fit.

All in all, it was VERY enjoyable, and I would recommend reading this as the beginning or end of your adventure with the Ciicle series!

Learned: God is faithful in all of his promises, trust HIM even in the darkest of your hours... Ted Dekker has an amazing talent to write amazing fiction laced with the TRUTH of God's word.


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