Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl 40

Great Friends: Check
At first I didn't want to do anything for the Super Bowl because I wanted to sit at home and not have any distractions, and hosting a party might have got in the way of the game. Then my friend Ari, who is as big of a Peyton fan as I am, and I talked and decided since we were of like mind we would enjoy the game together.

Great Food: Check
I got up Sunday and made some homemade spaghetti sauce and sausage rolls to take over, prepped guacamole, and hummus. While Ari made this amazing buffalo chicken dip and meat ball sandwiches. We had great cookies (sugar cookies in X and O shapes with blue and white frosting) and monkey balls (aka sticky buns). It was all so delish that I am still full today!

Great Clothes and Accessories: Check
I of course had on my Manning jersey, so did Madison, she also had a blue hair piece. Air wore her blue, and we painted our toe nails blue too... it was blue-tiful

Great Game: ... well not so much...
Great game in the sense that it was exciting to watch, but what was definitely not so great was the outcome. Ari and I just sat there for a good 30 minutes after the game staring at the TV in complete shock. Such a sad, sad day for us Colts fans.

Learned? Peyton handled the loss with such poise and dignity that I just can't help but still love him.

Note: I put Brian in charge of taking pictures of the event, since I wanted no distractions... so I will post what he took as soon as they are downloaded.

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