Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last of the Elementary School Performances

Monday night we went to the final elementary performance for Madison. It was bitter sweet. In all the years that we have gone, I have always been frustrated by how the kids are so noisy when changing between songs, and the squeaky recorders grate on my nerves. This year I was pleasantly surprised, their teacher had them chanting some of the songs melodies during the transitions which cut back on the amount of noise. Also the music was much better, the kids had better rhythm, and the recorders seemed to be better practiced. The actual program was much more well done and pretty cute too!

Madison and I had gone shopping for her outfit Sunday night, and searched high and low for something. She is in a difficult spot right now because she is too grown up for a lot of the kids clothes, but not quite big enough for the teeny bopper stuff. But I was happy with what she ended up with and she was thrilled because she got to wear her cute new cons she got for Valentines day, and her shirt pointed out how much she loved them.

Learned: 5 years of practice, and the elementary performance was much improved. I just can't believe that she will be in Middle School next year!

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Summer said...

Fabulous, poignant and sweet.