Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Forces of Nature:

I am writing to tell you that you can stop with the lessons.

I already knew that metal is a conductor, that if you put it somewhere gets cold, and when you put is somewhere hot it gets hot. And if you touch it while it is in, or just recently removed, from either of these locations it will immediately conduct that same temperature to you. I did not need the reminder last night when I accidentally forgot that the pan in my right hand had just been pulled out of the oven (using an oven mitt) and transferred it to my left hand (with out an oven mitt). These are really nice blisters on my hand.

I also already knew that glass is an insulator, and that when it is placed near a window in the winter it will get cold but not necessarily feel cold. I also already knew that heat energy will transfer from my stove top through a tea kettle and make the water inside boil. I also already knew that if you pour hot liquid into glass that is cold the class will shatter. I did not need a shattered single serving french coffee press, and counter top, cupboards, drawers, floor, and my self covered with hot coffee and wet coffee grounds to be reminded of this.

Thank you for listening,

Learned; My husband saw me cleaning up the mess through my tears, and offered to help. I just told him "all I wanted was my coffee!" He came back from the store with a Starbucks for me. All that to tell you that I learned My husband really loves me, he can see through my girlie irrational emotions and find a way to make my heart happy again. I love him!

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