Monday, January 18, 2010

Badge of Honor

Three months ago I ran my first half marathon, and one of the many injuries I felt after the race finally showed itself...I LOST MY TOE NAIL!!! I can hardly believe that it is gone, I didn't even feel it come off! I wore my Naughty Monkey heals for the Colts game Saturday night, then woke up the next morning and poof it was gone! I wasn't even the one to notice, Madison came down stairs and said "Mom! What happened to your toe?" The only thing that would have caused it is that durn run. I remember the same toe nail on both feet feeling very tender and looking a bit purple for a wile after the race and almost feeling like they were pulling off, but that went away pretty quick.

One of my running friends said it was a "badge of honor" to loose a toe in the line of running.... I think it is just weird! Not to mention that I don't know where I lost it... I know I had it at my friends house because I was noticing that I needed to repaint my toe nails. It is kinda grossing me out thinking of when and where i might next encounter the missing red toe nail...

Learned? It only takes 3 months for a toe nail to fall off, and I have a cute baby toe nail already there to replace it (the baby toe nail is the only cute thing about this situation!)

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