Monday, January 18, 2010

Ski Day with My Daughter

Today Madison and I went skiing. It was such a nice day to spend with her. We got to talk the whole day with out any boy interruptions. The snow was great, but the weather was not... The day started with lots of thick snow falling, then that was followed by a lot of wind and dark skies. Which made for a chilly chilly day. We planned on skiing until 2 then heading home because Madison had soccer practice. This turned out to be a perfect amount of time to ski because well, one, it was COLD, and two, MY LEGS WERE TIRED! Hope I can walk tomorrow! I got some fun pictures of Madison skiing and a few short videos. Enjoy... well... no videos yet... can't get them to load and I need to go to bed...maybe later...


Learned? Having crummy ski weather is worth having a day with my daughter.

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Summer said...

That sounds like it was a GREAT day!