Monday, January 25, 2010

I "Heart" Manning!

Yeah baby... Peyton Manning is headed to the Super Bowl. I couldn't be more proud of my pseudo man! After being down in the first half and being sacked a few times...I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. I know that he is a brilliant player and was confident that he would make the needed adjustments to defeat the Jets, and I was right! That will teach the Rex Ryan defence to go and blitz on P.Manning- he ate them up.

So the sad part of the whole thing is that I missed the game.... yep you heard right... I missed the game... well missed watching the game. Madison's last game of the tournament in Vegas was at the same time as the Colts game. So my fellow soccer mom friend and Peyton lover, Ari, and I sat in the car before the soccer game listening, then we decided to be good mothers and watch our daughters play (while receiving regular play off updates via my phone), then listened to the rest of the game on the drive home.

Now I REALLY want to go to the Super Bowl, but tickets range from $1800.00 to $40,000.00, then I would have to fly down there, get a hotel room, food, and all that. So if you have extra $$$ laying around I would love to take it off your hands, and take myself to the Super Bowl.

Since I know that is a long shot I will just have to have a great Super Bowl party, and settle with going to see him live next season when he plays in Denver. I guess that will do...

Learned: You just don't blitz on Manning and there are just too many options for him that you can't eliminate them all. I love watching him play, think I will watch my DVR of the game today....

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

You are too funny. Isaac is a major Jets fan-so I guess I'm glad we weren't trying to watch it at the same time. He is a little disappointed, but happy being a new football fan... i think. What are your plans for Feb. weekends? We might try to make a trip for taxes, while I still can.