Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's day actually began last night when I was givent this from my kiddos. I absolutly love it! It has so many cool features that I can hardly wait to start playing with! We have another Nikon camera, but it is much larger and heavier, so not something I can carry around with me.

Today was a wonderful, busy day. It started at 9:00 with breakfast at Brian's parents. Everyone was there, including the newest mommy celebrating her first Mother's Day, Brian's sister Carrie. My mom even came! Then we headed home for Maddox's nap, and we cleaned house. Yes, I actually did work on Mother's day. For my Mother's Day gift from Brian he washed and waxed my car! It looks amazing! I got to spend lots of time playing and loving on Madison and Maddox. Maddox rode his trike, mowed the lawn behind his dad with his bubble mower, Madison spent most of the afternoon relaxing as she is recouperating from some sort of stomach bug. (Maddox had it too, but there is no slowing him down.) I even managed to read several articles for my Colaboraive Action Research class, and write a 10 page literature review of them! WHEW! It has been a busy day.

Learned? Motherhood, I can't imagine my life with out my children. My children have a way of bringing meaning to my existance and joy to my heart!

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pretendingsanity said...

ooo, I can't wait to check out your new camera. I've been wanting a purse sized camera too and I can't imagine anything but a nikon