Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maddox's 2nd Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Maddox's second birthday at Brian's parents house. The whole family was invited! All the grand parents, great grand parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were there to share in this special day. Maddox had a great time playing with everyone. Enjoy the pictures.

Today is his actual birthday, and we did not do much to celebrate, as I am recuperating from a severe allergic reaction to something. He did get to have ice cream several times today, so that is pretty special!

I can not believe how quickly two years has gone by. Last night in the ER Brian and I were joking that we were here exactly two years ago, for something so wonderful and completely life changing, the birth of our son. It is one of the most wonderful memories I have. When the doctor came in and said it was time to push, it was as if time stood still, Brian and I looked at each other and both teared up! A few short minutes later (I'm sure that is an exaggeration as it is has been 2 years) our beautiful son was here. He was so long and skinny! It took no time for his weight to catch up to his height, and he continues to top the charts in both. As he has grown these past years, I am continually amazed at how much of a boy he is. He is always busy playing with cars, trucks, bats, balls, wrestling, or even ultimate fighting. He loves to be outside and we have to drag him in at night to bathe and get to bed. He is very persistent and determined, (a positive way of saying strong willed) which I think are good characteristics, he just has to learn that his mommy is even more persistent and determined. He loves his sister and his dogs and must give them each hugs before bed. He goes to bed so easily. He has been showing interest in potty training, and may have already been potty trained if I was home more to be consistent with it. We will tackle that one this summer. It has been an amazing two years watching my boy grow and learn. As hard as it is to see him grow up, I am looking forward to this next year!

Happy Birthday Maddox, I love you so much, more than I ever thought possible!

Learned? The past two years have brought me more joy than I could have hoped for.

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pretendingsanity said...

Happy Birthday Maddox! It has gone so FAST!!

I'm so glad you're ok, that would have been scary!!