Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last night I decided to go for a run after I dropped Madison off at soccer practice. As I was running I started to experience major allergy symptoms; itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, and I started to itch everywhere starting with my scalp, mouth, tongue, ears, neck. So I stopped short of my goal distance to head home. Once I stopped, the uncontrollable itching spread from head to toe, and my breathing became more labored. I started to panic, and when I got home I downed some benadryl and showered, with no relief. After my husband called the Dr. we headed to the ER. We walked into the ER and my eyes were swollen shut, I was covered in hives and bright red and hot. Once hooked up to the monitor, my pulse was extremely high at 120. They injected me with several antihistamines, a steroid to open my lungs, and a nebulizer treatment. After about 2 hours in the ER things started to calm down, the itching had decreased, my lungs were clear(er), so we were released from the ER still very puffy and red. I imagine I looked something like Will Smith in the movie HITCH. It has been 24 hours and I feel much better, though my eyes are still swollen....YIKES!

I still do not know what triggered the reaction, I did not eat anything new, I was not exposed to anything new... The only thing I can think of is I had salmon for dinner. I have had it before, but maybe this piece had larger amounts of mercury in it...All I know is that I do not ever want to experience that again.

I learned that I am so thankful that my husband and children and I do not have peanut or bee sting allergies, it was stressful enough going through this, I can't imagine going into anaphalactic shock!

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