Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Weeks or Two Days?

I know it is so very cliche to say it but... Time flies when you are having fun! This spring break is going by at warp speed.

Monday, Allison and I braved the fiece winds and took the kids sledding at the cabin. It was nice to spend time with her and her kids, I have missed them so much!

Tuesday, I had taxes scheduled for 9:00, so I was up early to go. Before we were to leave, I double checked our tax envelope to make sure that I had everything. It was a good thing, because Brian's W2 was missing. I ended up tearing apart the whole house, literally, looking for it to no avail. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the mess I had created and packing us for our trip to Denver.

Wednesday, we took Maddox to the heart doctor. At his yearly check up his pediatrician heard a murmur, so to be safe he had us go st the pediatric cardiologist.(This has been a major stress for Brian and I lately.) The waiting room was very UN-kid friendly - no toys, no books, BORING! To make it worse, I was about 15 minutes early (I had thought I would need to fill out paperwork being new patients and all), and they were running about 10 minutes late! Once back in the room they gave me the paper work to complete! GRRR! The saving grace of the office was the nurse, she was great with Maddox. She gave him "stickers" and said they were going to have fun and stick them all over his body.

Then she said he was going to be like Spider Man and have a web. He did really great, the most difficult part was him needing to hold still. He still says that he didn't like the doctors because he didn't want to hold still and be quiet!

In the end, Maddox's heart was given the label of a healthy heart with an extra sound, an innocent murmur. The doc said that most preschool age kids grow out of it, and IF it persists more than a few years we could come back for more tests, but as of right now, he is not worried.

Immediately after the dr. we took Maddox to my step mom's, and Madison and I headed over the mountains for our girls trip. We listened to a book on CD, The City of Ember. It was very enjoyable and we finished it just as we arrived home- perfect timing! We got to Denver with enough time to change and get dinner, then we headed to the Buell Theater for Phantom of the Opera! The show was great, the singers were amazing and the sets were intricate!

Thursday, Madison and I headed to Park Meadows to go shopping. We only went to a few of our favorite stores, Express, Urban Outfitters, Saphora, Justice, Dicks Sporting Goods, but spent enough money to make me feel guilty... We walked out with three new dresses, a new shirt, and a new make up piece for me to try , and a few new outfits, a soccer ball, and soccer sandals for Madison, and a birthday present for my mother in law.

We stopped at the Adidas out let in Silverthorn because I am in desperate need of new running shoes. Of course they didn't have the AdiStars in my size, so I tried on the step down, and was reluctant. I looked at the size 6 in the AdiStar, and thought I should try it. To my extreme joy they fit! I ended up with my favorite shoe, in a cool new color, for 1/3 of the original price! WOW!

When we got home we went to my mom's for dinner and a movie, a very nice evening.

Now it is Friday, and I am wondering how a whole week when by in what seemed like only a few hours. I am not sure what today holds for us, but I am sure it too will pass in the blinking of an eye.

Learned? I had a great time, just Madison and I, we need to do that more often while she still want to be around me.


Walker paradise said...

I have had a murmur my whole life, and i'm just a little crazy but not sickly!

Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

Marina has had a heart murmur since a baby. No problems, and the last doctors visit they couldn't hear it. So, hopefully that will give you some piece of mind. I hope you enjoyed your break. It sounds like you did. I am wading in fifth graders who try to get away with something every 10 min. I am constantly putting our some fire!! Ugh!! 2 more day till Spring Break. I am still questioning if I am going to make it. I hope to talk to you soon. Love Vycci