Sunday, March 1, 2009


Last night Brian and I went to a company get together- dinner and games included!. Dinner was great, and after that I spent the rest of the night at the Craps table. I had played years ago in Vegas, and forgot how fun it was. We all started with 500 in chips, and me being a chicken would only bet 5 on any one part of the table - even thought it wasn't real money or even mine! Even with my dinky bets, by the end of the night I had 950 in chips!

With the chips you win you turn them in for tickets and put the tickets in different drawings. All of mine went into the Yampa Hot Springs Treatments for Two, no I didn't win. Brian, who seems to be better at playing his odds, put in for several things and ended up winning two items. New muck boots and a Mag Light. Brian's friend and coworker that we went with won the big prize - a Mesquite get-a-way including golf!

Learned? Craps is way less stressful than cards, you don't have to think much and you can't really mess up the other players (unless you roll CRAP!)

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